Quality Procedures

  • Site Master File
  • Seasonal Temperature Mapping in empty, semi-loaded and fully-loaded condition
  • 24 by 7 temperature monitoring with data loggers and automatic excursion notifications
  • Calibration and Preventive Maintenance management
  • Pest Control Management
  • Change Control Management
  • Products recall, returns and quarantine management
  • Safety Mock Drills, Fire equipment training protocols
  • DQ, IQ and OQ of all warehouse equipments
  • Cold chain gel pack thawing and ship out management
  • Employee training and annual training calendars guided by SOPs
  • Several other support processes driven by established SOPs

Billing and Dispatch

  • All orders received by 4 pm invoiced the same day. Order tracking process is in place.
  • All dispatches completed within 24 hours, in case of month end 24 to 48 hours
  • All orders serviced within 24 hours, all credit notes settled within 5 business days, all expiries within 3 weeks
  • Systems for cold chain dispatches to ensure 48 hour delivery
  • Secondary and Tertiary checks for accuracy – transporter report, LR entry time checks
  • All dispatches serviced with accurately - pick list system, systematic and consistent storage mechanism
  • Strict adherence to financial closing norms, no exceptions

Operational Metrics

  • Average DSO days of 19 across 14 companies and on sales service of Rs 70 cr per month
  • Number of distributors serviced - 1200
  • Number of monthly dispatches (regular) - 12000
  • Number of monthly dispatches (cold chain) - 1400
  • Average DSO days - 19
  • Dispatch turnaround times - 24 hours
  • Month End dispatch times - 36 to 48 hours

Safety, Health & Environment

  • Host of safety equipment - Fire hydrant system, CO2/DCP fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, intrusion alarms, temperature escalation hooters
  • Periodic training in handling the equipment, Periodic calibration of equipment
  • Mock fire drills with real fire, escape drills
  • Warehouses designed for safety – 3 exits IN OUT and EMERGENCY
  • Bi-annual First aid training for employees on handling burns, cardiac arrest, respirator issues
  • All warehouse used energy efficient CFL lamps
  • Team incentives based on power savings
  • A culture of responsibility to environment